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Everything is different at times, due to my randomness :U





Tana the wolf by CyberSkaarj
Tana the wolf
A this-style version of a friend named Tana :U limited info cause ff (or just made up info on how I've seen her)
Name: Tana (Tah-na)
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Personality: Peppy, lazy at times, overly excited at times as well
Other: Has a golden heart necklace, tail has a blue tip
Squish by CyberSkaarj
A little thing :iconsorenthehedgehog: and I thought up where Winter would be messing around with an Antlion grub and hugging it n what not

Winter (c) :iconsorenthehedgehog:
Daniel (c) Me
Antlion Grub (c) Valve
E the Android by CyberSkaarj
E the Android
Code: E-12847
Nicknames: E, Esther, Tob-E
Gender: None; Prefers to be seen as a male from voice
Age: 7 months from production
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Personality: Emotionless, factual, down-to-the-point
Specialty: Engineering/Maintenance
Tools: Pouch (contains Scrap metal, bolts, screws and nails) Blowtorch, Monkey wrench, Socket wrench, Hammer, Screwdriver
Other: Eyes glow a white light; can produce holograms for needed moments, auditory speaker in back of throat for voice (sounds similar to a Working Joe from Alien Isolation, only slightly higher) Port on back of neck for data transfer
Join us by CyberSkaarj
Join us
Another scene from the rp :iconsorenthehedgehog: and I are doing

Daniel is a combine and wants Soren to join him in the unity

Soren (c) :iconsorenthehedgehog:
Daniel & art (c) Me
Aquamarine-Gemsona by CyberSkaarj
Yeaaah |D (he's gonna be a past me)
Gem/name: Aquamarine
Location of gem: Back of hand (2 gems, 1 on each hand)
Weapon (?): Permafrost Shield (gems must be close together for it to work)
Height: 5' 1"
Age appearance: 10-12
Color scheme: Light cerulean blue-Sky blue
Abilities: Air around him is usually an unnatural cold, minor healing capabilities, can withstand extreme cold/major heat
Personality: Shy, constantly nervous, easygoing
1. What animal/creature you remind me of.
2. What color I think fits you.
3. How I feel about you.
4. Insult you. (Somehow, some way e-e)
5. My favorite OC of yours.
6. What season you remind me of.
7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head.
8. Think of a random nickname for you.
9. What element you remind me of.
10. I'll command you to put this in your journal without using the words 'tag' or 'dare' or 'order'


CyberSkaarj's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am known for my Sketchs and designs, i have made very good sketchs over my life, my proffesion isnt really seen in my life but i just love what to do, and what i do is to draw.
Certain categories may vary due to my mood or just something random :P
[ ] Single
[X] Taken :D
Relationship with -
:icondestinykruegernumber: <3
Couples icon- Daniel and his Gal by CandiPhoenixes

Stamps I like

Dick Figures: Flame War Stamp by GeekyKitten64 :iconredimbatmanplz:
Obnoxious Video Ad Stamp by In-The-ZoneStamp. by TrynnieOC - Soul Stamp by Alphares
Requests - Friends Only by SweetDukeSTAMP: Glasses by Emotikonzyea, i'm a perv by aimichi-stampist
DF: Kitty Amazing Stamp by GeekyKitten64Paint Tool SAI Stamp by EnergyzedChain Letters Stamp by SmandyDandy
pencils stamp by SilverStream1Jelly :stamp: by ellstar22Texan Artist by mewy
Amnesia Stamp by WeirdHyenaStamp - L4D - Hunter by NocturnalKitten:iconihateschoolstamp::iconihateschoolstamp2:Being different stamp by Sinister-StarfeeshDead Space 2 stamp by jrk42293I love zombies stamp by sayuri-hime-7:thumb317077708:Stamp: Halo CE Fan by NawamanePenumbra Stamp by DoctorDraca
Enderman Stamp by NoirSuccubus:STAMP: DOOM 3 by MonsterGothXHalf Life 2 Stamp by xXCougarXx
8 is Symmetrical - Stamp by pizza-eaterWill Work For Points by KlauS92[STAMP] Gore Games by Emfen
You're* by FragileButts:icongrammarnaziplz: (If I want to >3>)
Character Stamp by ArpieStamp: Unreal by Nelkoreth:thumb308777991:
Caboose stamp by TheTaterDonut Stamp by FallenAngelAerithProtect Me Cone by RabbitsEars
Stay... by JadeofAllTradesChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnightMinecraft Stamp by RandomTons
Terraria Stamp by badtraneQuake I Stamp by LuminousLotusStamp: Unreal by Nelkoreth

dA family

My crazy little wolf sister - :icondestinythewolf13:
The Undead Soldier - :iconobloodshift:
My scythe loving friend .3. - :iconjoshystar:
My Crazeh cousin |D - :iconrulerofspade:
My sister that puts me in her breasts and calls me cute -//3//-; - :iconmushi-mush993:
My killer sister :stare: - :icontealsy99:
The awesome bitch who tortures my ocs >3> - :iconemberthehedgefox:
My Shy Fox Sister That Hides Under My Bed And Eats All My Cookies - :iconashleyfluffyfox:
The Pervy neighbors next door >3> - :iconemberstar71: and Jazz
My little (pervy XD) sister - :iconkizume55:
My Psycho sister X3 - :iconsorenthehedgehog:
My institutionalized cousin - :iconthenerd57:
That crazy guy over there... - :iconflameblood2:
My adopted brother. ADOPTED. - :icontrace-101:
My sister who doodles on EVERYTHING - :iconcrazywirdo872:
My dark sister - :iconmephistathedark:
My annoying little sister - :iconanimeschibia:
My spiky haires goofy brother - :iconxavierthehedgehog66:
My bouncy ball XD - :iconmaddietheghost:
My stalker... :stare: - :iconyosimio:


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Thanks so much for the Added to my devWatch! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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No probs
JutsuGal1208 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
Hello there! This is a message to my rp friends~! For some of you this is very long overdue, sorry for that ^^; For a very long while I've lost touch with many of you, either by losing notes because dA derped out, one of us getting busy and forgetting, or just ending it because we had no more ideas. These for the most part are my fault, so I'd like to establish contact again ^w^ We could pick up where we left off or start with a new story all together. Not me if you'd like to, and if not, just answer this message with a simple 'No.' No need for an explanation if you don't feel like it, just let me know.
Thank you, and love to all of you~ <3
CyberSkaarj Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I can go for an rp with ya again c:
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Sorry, just been busy with things lately
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sorry ^^;
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